About the Company

Who We Are

ElDorado National, a U.S. owned and operated company with over 450,000 square feet of bus manufacturing space.

Where We Operate

Both California and Kansas operations have brand new state-of-the-art facilities. The California facility is equipped with the most advanced production equipment and corrosion protection processes. The new Kansas facility is equipped to provide the finest value cutaway buses and lowered floor, accessible minivans. As the resources demonstrate, ElDorado National is committed to being America's Best Bus Investment.

Transportation Solutions

As you would expect from the industry leader, ElDorado National offers the widest array of commercial buses in North America. With more than forty different bus models, ranging from ADA compliant minivans to heavy-duty, 40’ low-floor transit buses, we can offer literally thousands of floorplans. ElDorado National has the ability to create the ideal bus or van for your transportation needs.


Each ElDorado National manufacturing facility employs experienced product engineers and production engineers backed by complete support staffs. Each staff is dedicated to the design and quality of the bus models produced within. ElDorado National also makes extensive use of state-of-the-art Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems. Our expertise shows in the consistent quality of every vehicle we produce.

Quality Assurance

To ensure that the exacting of our engineers are realized in every bus, ElDorado National has established comprehensive quality assurance departments in each manufacturing facility. The Quality Management Systems of all facilities are independently certified ISO 9001:2000, by the International Standards Organization. At ElDorado National quality is not an option - it's the standard.